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Elegant, Funny and Trendy

Wedding Philosophy

Each Ceremony is a unique event and reflects the married wishes.

This is the Philosophy that makes all wedding organized by Luxor a true emotional experience for the married soul, an experience to share with the Events participants.

A Trip born from people heart to reach memory and senses.

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Wedding Planner in Tuscany

An unforgettable Marriage

The limit is only the newlywed dreams. Tiziana Buoni leads this imagination with passion and dedication: Events in Hystorical Villas, Old Castles, Charming Country Houses, amazing Yachts sailing Through 5 Terre Aerea, Scuba Civil Rights, Flying Helicopter or Hot-Air Baloon, to lonely beaches protected by sand dunes.
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Address: Via della Foce, 15 – Viareggio – Lucca
Phone:  +39 0584 30733 – +39 393 9743218

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